Tuesday 6 Nov 2012

'Taxonomy in Action' is a compilation of case studies provided by the BioNET community to demonstrate the relevance of taxonomy to the world. A subset of 'Taxonomy in Action' exposés is available as a powerpoint presentation for download from the BioNET Outreach page.

The campaign also features on the newly produced BioNET Taxonomy CD-ROM, together with the 'Taxonomy - Understanding the world around you!' presentation. Please contact the BioNET Secretariat to request a CD-ROM or 'Taxonomy in Action' campaign postcards.

'Taxonomy in Action' is an ongoing campaign and with increasing numbers of contributions we will implement an alternative way of presenting and accessing the different case studies. If you wish to contribute you can download the Powerpoint template here, or contact the BioNET Secretariat for further information. Thank you for supporting us to promote taxonomy!

Cryptzona chenui: a new pest or a native species?
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