Sunday 19 Apr 2015
Taxonomy - the science of discovering, naming, describing and classifying organisms - not only produces fascinating insights into the characteristics of life on on Earth, above all it provides the answers to many questions. It delivers basic and indispensible knowledge for many fields of human interest and contributes in many ways to the sustainability of our planet. Follow these links to view presentations on taxonomy, its relevance to society, and BioNET.
BioNET's vision

A world in which the capacity to name all living organisms is accessible to serve the needs of people everywhere.

BioNET's main aims

BioNET - the global network for taxonomy - is an international initiative dedicated to promoting the science and use of taxonomy, especially in the economically poorer countries of the world. To date the network comprises ten government-endorsed regional networks, the 'Locally Owned and Operated Partnerships' (LOOPs), encompassing institutions and 3,000 individuals in over 100 countries, and a Secretariat in the UK hosted by CABI, an international not-for-profit organisation.

Working via local and international partnerships, BioNET strives to provide a forum for collaboration that is equally open to all taxonomists and to the other users of taxonomy. Our work contributes to raising awareness of the importance of taxonomy to society, building and sharing of capacity, and meeting taxonomic needs via innovative tools and approaches.

BioNET is uniquely positioned to assists the developing world in responding to their key challenges: food security, poverty reduction, climate change, and the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The network supports the achievement of, for example, the Millennium Development Goals and the targets of the Convention of Biological Diversity. Information material on BioNET and taxonomy can be downloaded from the BioNET Outreach page.

BioNET Taxonomy Presentaion
Wed 6 Apr 11
Latin American declaration on taxonomy
A declaration on the Importance of taxonomy in Latin America (especially Mercosur) wa...
Fri 25 Mar 11
BioNET 2007-10: “significant accomplishments…an impressive set of outcomes”
An evaluation of BioNET’s work and potential was recently commissioned by the Swiss ...
Fri 4 Feb 11
A business plan for a “Special Fund” for taxonomy
Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity invited BioNET to lead the estab...

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