Bioproducts are goods created from plant matter. Any sort of organic material that is available on a renewable basis is referred to as biomass. Crops and trees, timber and wood waste, aquatic plants, and grasses are all included.

The biggest difference between bio products and those that are derived from petroleumis that the latter is created from non-renewable resources. Once it is used, it is used. That is the end of that product's life cycle.


Examples of Common Bio Products

Bioproducts are much like any other regularly manufactured product in terms of variety. Here is a short list of everyday items:

Household cleaners

Plastic bottles & containers

Packaging materials

Supporters of Bio Products & Their Initiatives

Types of Bio Products

From its agricultural origins to its potential to be replenished, this sustainable approach addresses the full product life cycle.


Gaseous fuel used to generate heat and power.


An item which is derived from plant oils and sugars.

Industrial Chemicals

These types of products work like any other except they are found from soybeans, corns, etc.

Additional Information

What specific plant material is used to create bio products?

There are many plant options available to use. Here is a short list: Sunflowers, Miscanthus, Switchgrass, Canola and so much more.

If something is a bio product, does that imply that it is compostable?

It depends on the product's purpose; one product may be compostable while another one is not.