The Global Network extends to over 120 countries with existing LOOPs in the Caribbean (CARINET), southern Africa (SAFRINET), East Africa (EAFRINET), West Africa (WAFRINET), South East Asia (ASEANET), South Pacific (PACINET) and a consortium of expert centres and biosystematic institutions in Europe (EuroLOOP).

Contact a LOOP through its Network Coordinating Institution.

Nine further LOOPs are planned and four of these are currently being developed in East Asia (EASIANET), South Asia (SACNET), North Asia (NeurasiaLOOP) and the Andean sub-region (ANDINONET). Developing country LOOPs are owned, sustained and managed by the governments who establish them. BIOCON LOOPs of expert centres in the developed world are voluntary consortia.

For information on other LOOPs please contact the Technical Secretariat.