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  BioNET is comprised of a Secretariat linking regional, government-endorsed partnerships with international technology, informatics, capacity building and policy partners.

Components of BioNET’s network
BioNET-INTERNATIONAL (BioNET) refers to "BioNET as a whole" - the global network of taxonomy - including all its actors as defined below.

BioNET Locally Owned and Operated Partnerships (LOOPs) are established when governments, via Ministerial, CBD, agricultural, scientific or other relevant authorities, formally endorse a LOOP proposal and government nominees agree a regional strategy and prioritisation for taxonomy. LOOPs are delimited by the subregions of the UN. LOOPs thus comprise:
  • A LOOP Coordinating Committee (LCC) consisting of the Regional Coordinator and all National Coordinators of the LOOP, plus any other invited expert from the region or elsewhere. The LCC is the governing body of a LOOP and appoints and oversees the activities of the Regional Coordinating Institute (see LOOP contacts).

  • A Regional Coordinating Institute serving as the secretariat of the LOOP, coordinating its affairs and being the primary communication channel on the regional level. This may be any relevant institution in the LOOP region and is appointed by the LOOP Coordinating Committee. It designates the Regional Coordinator.

  • National Coordinating Institutions serving as the national hubs of the LOOP with similar functions as the Regional Coordinating Institute but on the national level. Each is appointed by a government authority and designates the National Coordinator.

  • Network Institutions and experts from the respective region working in taxonomy, its applications and related areas. Participation is open to any interested institution or person.
The BioNET Secretariat leads the delivery of the BioNET Global Programme in partnership with LOOPs and international partners. It provides services to the LOOPs and links the LOOPs and global policy, technical and capacity building partners. The BioNET Secretariat is hosted by CABI in the UK and is governed by the BioNET Board.

The BioNET Global Programme - led by the BioNET Secretariat - supports the LOOPs with its 4 key areas A: Fortifying the operational platform (LOOPs); B: Accelerating development of taxonomic resources, tools and technologies; C: Policy development and communication; D: Resource mobilization & governance.

The Host Organisation of the BioNET Secretariat - CABI - provides facilities, human resource and financial management, accountancy, and IT assistance to the Secretariat. It manages it in accordance with the laws in force in its country and provides the legal status for the BioNET Secretariat.

BioNET Taxonomy Presentaion
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