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BioNET members typically are interested in capacity building in taxonomy (e.g., training in taxonomy, strengthening collections, integrating new technology into taxonomic work) or for taxonomy (e.g., training in the skills needed to promote and sustain taxonomy such as grant proposal writing, project management and strategic planning), or have taxonomic product and service needs. There are four categories of members (see The BioNET Network).
  • BioNET member countries: the to date 105 countries (UN member states and territories) whose governments have formally endorsed a BioNET LOOP in their region and designated a National Coordinating Institute.
  • Institutional BioNET members: the host institutions of the BioNET secretariats on the global, regional and national levels.
  • Individual BioNET members: anyone registering their interest in the work of BioNET.
  • BioNET officers: the individuals serving in any of BioNET's global, regional or national secretariats or governing bodies.
BioNET provides its members with
  • A mechanism for collaboration with others interested in building capacity in or for taxonomy;
  • An opportunity to work with taxonomy end-users in biodiversity and agriculture;
  • A platform to establish contact with international technology and capacity building leaders;
  • A forum representing taxonomic interests at international policy and end-user strategy fora;
  • An online and email knowledge exchange and information sharing mechanism for taxonomic capacity building news, events, funding opportunities, training opportunities and partnership opportunities;
  • Access to proposal development support and mentoring;
  • Access to advocacy tools to sensitise the public, funders and decision-makers to taxonomy.
BioNET members shall be willing to
  • Promote taxonomy;
  • Promote networking;
  • Share information, experiences and good practice;
  • Give advice and professional contributions to the network and other partners;
  • Co-ordinate activities with other partners.

  Become a BioNET member
Membership of the BioNET network is open to any interested individual involved with issues related to the science and use of taxonomy. To participate and receive our e-Bulletin, please supply your full contact details to the BioNET Secretariat (see Secretariat Contacts) or follow the "Join Now" link on the left of this page.
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