Saturday 12 May 2012
The BioNET LOOPs and the Secretariat are not-for-profit programmes supported by national governments, regional institutions, technical agencies and international donors.

LOOPs have been successful in securing funding for their capacity building and networking services from a number of generous funding partners to date, including the UK Department for International Development, AusAID, CTA, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, USAID, UNDP and many others.

LOOP coordination is supported by in-kind allocation of staff time and resources from host institutions. Additionally, some LOOPs resource their regional coordination offices through project funding.

Core BioNET operations at the global level have been supported by the BioNET Fund since its establishment in 1996. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) made the founding contribution to the Fund and continues to be a major supporter. Current supporters also include the Swedish International Biodiversity Programme and the European Union. Others that have contributed include UNDP, DFID, the Commonwealth Secretariat, CTA, GEF, FAO, CABI, Defra, the Total Foundation and various bilateral agencies. The Fund is managed by the Director of BioNET’s Secretariat at the discretion of the BioNET Board. The purpose of the Fund is to serve as a "a vehicle for attracting development assistance funds to support the global activities and objectives of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL".

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