Prior to 1996 virtually all financial assistance to BioNET-INTERNATIONAL was piece-meal and provided by donors in response to ad hoc requests. The exception was the budgetary provision made by CAB International for core-costs of the Technical Secretariat (TECSEC) in 1993/5.

Up to 1996 all operations were funded by various agencies as one-off exercises including, feasibility studies, formulation workshops, publications, advisory services, and the First Global Workshop (BIGW1).

As from January 1996, with the advent of the BioNET-INTERNATIONAL FUND, through a founding contribution of SF 2.9 million by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), some vital support services were secured through annual budgeting arrangements. The BioNET-INTERNATIONAL FUND is a 10-year depleting capital fund with multi-optional contributory facilities for donors to support the following activities:-

* Network Coordinating Institutes and Support Services of LOOPs for a period of two years;
* the central support service of the Technical Secretariat;
* the BioNET-INTERNATIONAL Fellowship Scheme for human resource development;
* an International Support Service for Individual LOOPs.Fellowship Scheme.

The FUND is the mechanism for assuring the delivery and continuity of services crucial to the success of this initiative, and is open to contributions from public and private sector organisations. Substantial further contributions are needed to raise the FUND to the level that will ensure the realisation of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL's mission.

A modest start has been made through donor support from SDC and DFID in implementing some of the Work Programmes of CARINET and SAFRINET.

In addition BioNET-INTERNATIONAL has attracted a substantial amount of support in cash and kind from a wide variety of aid agencies and donor organisations to enable Workshops, meetings, feasibility studies and formulation workshops to take place.

For more information on the BioNET-INTERNATIONAL FUND please contact the Technical Secretariat.