"The relevance and timeliness of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL as a mechanism for removing the taxonomic impediment faced in fulfilling the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity has never been greater than now as we move towards the implementation of the treaty."
Prof. Dato' Zakri A. Hamid

Deputy Vice Chancellor Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and former Chairman of SBSTTA



"Partnership is at the very heart of development. If we share our knowledge and experience and commit ourselves to the aim, abject poverty could become part of pre-history within 50 years." "BioNET-INTERNATIONAL's aim of helping to conserve, manage and utilise biodiversity through a global network of people and institutions will contribute to this end. I wish the programme ever success."
Rt. Hon. Ms. Clare Short M.P. Secretary of State for International Development (UK)




"BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is a unique global partnership and provides an effective mechanism for securing the scientific foundation vital for human endeavours to chart and conserve the world's biodiversity." "BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is an exceedingly important initiative for promoting sustainable agriculture."
Dr M.S. Swaminathan F.R.S. UNESCO-Cousteau Professor in Ecotechnology and Chairman of the BioNET-INTERNATIONAL Consultative Group

"Biosystematics is the vital foundation for all human endeavours to protect, restore and maintain our rich but fragile natural heritage BioNET-INTERNATIONAL will marshal international resources to establish and secure that foundation."
Prof. Edward S. Ayensu President, Pan-African Union for Science and Technology




"The network created by BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is fundamental for the scientific and technical development needed to enable countries to achieve the objectives of conservation and sustainable use of agro-biodiversity, forestry and fisheries agreed at the Earth Summit of Rio in 1992 and which is being put into action through the Convention on Biological Diversity."
Dr Arturo Martinez Advisor to the Department for Environmental Issues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina

"BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is a unique dynamic organisation that works towards global shared capacity-building in taxonomy to support both sustainable primary production and conservation of global biodiversity. Its strength is the well documented clear vision and focus developed through meetings in many countries, regions and the Global Workshops. BioNET-INTERNATIONAL clearly has the organisation, infrastructure and demonstrated capacity to deliver the outcomes detailed in the Formal Proposals of the LOOP Formulation Workshops."
Dr Ebbe Nielsen Director of the Australian National Insect Collection