Wednesday 20 Aug 2008

Why taxonomy matters
Have you have ever wondered why taxonomy is so important to sustainable development? Have you ever searched for examples of taxonomy's economic impact? Do you need examples of the wider value of taxonomy to society when talking to decision makers or funders? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we invite you to explore these short case studies.

Implementing the Global Taxonomy Initiative
By helping to raise awareness of taxonomy, these case studies contribute to the Global Taxonomy Initiative of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Instructions for contributors
Case studies have been contributed by authors from around the world and further contributions are very welcome. Please find instructions for your submission here.

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Protecting African tomatoes from the spider mite

Scotinophara: how to tell good from bad

Hippocampus reidi: safer through taxonomy

Cryptzona chenui: a new pest or a native species?

Fungus warns of forest pest

Anthonomus grandis and the cotton trade.

Only some termites trouble road builders.

A parasite that saves the mango crop.


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