BioNET-INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to supporting sustainable development by helping developing countries to overcome the taxonomic impediment by becoming self-reliant in taxonomy, i.e. self-reliant in the skills, infrastructure and technologies needed to discover, identify, name, classify and to understand the relationships of all organisms.  

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Implementing the Global Taxonomy Initiative
of the Convention on Biological Diversity

3GTW, Pretoria
| 3GTW Follow-up meeting, UNESCO
Draft Strategy with Commitments to Action (additional Partners welcome)
Call for Case Studies | Recommendations to CBD and GTI Focal Points

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL's Secretariat and the regional BioNET LOOPs are working with partners to help implement the Programme of Work of the Global Taxonomy Initiative. Most significantly, the 3rd Global Taxonomy Workshop (Pretoria, South Africa, July 2002) and a subsequent meeting hosted by UNESCO in Paris (February 2003) have agreed a Strategic Framework for implementation and started the process of getting institutional commitments to partnership needed to realise activities.

A number of key activities lent significant impetus to the global taxonomic agenda in 2002:

1. The Sixth Meeting of Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity, where the GTI Programme of Work (PoW) was formally adopted as Decision VI/8;

2. The Third Global Taxonomy Workshop (3GTW), which generated an overall strategic framework containing nine elements for moving forward the GTI PoW and related initiatives;

3. The World Summit on Sustainable Development, where the Plan of Implementation includes Paragraph 44: Biodiversity which focuses on significantly reducing rates of biodiversity loss by 2010 and, in sub-paragraph 44(s), states that implementation of the GTI is required if rates of global biodiversity loss are to be stemmed.




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