the 3rd Global Taxonomy Workshop
Pretoria 2002
Paris 2003

Implementing the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Plan of Action and Resource Kit for
Taxonomic Capacity Building


A Selection of Resources and References
for Taxonomic Capacity Building

WSSD and Taxonomy | CBD | IPPC, Taxonomy and the CBD | BioNET and its LOOPs | Case Studies | The Darwin Declaration | SABONET lessons

WSSD - the World Summit on Sustainable Development

Taxonomy, Biodiversity and the Plan of Implementation

Convention on Biological Diversity
Global Taxonomy Initiative web site: http://www.biodiv.org/programmes/cross-cutting/taxonomy/

GTI Progress Report SBSTTA-9, November 2003 (including 3GTW report)

Guide to the GTI (draft, SBSTTA-9 Document UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/9/INF/30)

1st Asia GTI Workshop (Report to SBSTTA-9)

Decision V/9: Global Taxonomy Initiative: Implementation and Further Advance of the Suggestions for Action

Decision VI/8: Programme of Work of the Global Taxonomy Initiative

Kirstenbosch Declaration from the 1st African GTI Workshop

Suggested priority activities for GTI/CBD Focal Points (from BioNET-INTERNATIONAL)

IPPC, Taxonomy and the CBD
Presentation provided by theIPPC Secretariat for the BioNET-INTERNATIONAL SACNET Formulation Workshop, June 2003

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL: the Global Network for Taxonomy
The sub-regional LOOPs of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL are dedicated to supporting sustainable development by helping developing countries to become self-reliant in taxonomy, i.e. self-reliant in the skills, infrastructure and technologies needed to discover, identify, name, classify and to understand the relationships of all organisms. The LOOPs - government-owned Technical Cooperation Networks - are identified in the GTI Programme of Work as implementation mechanisms in a number of areas ranging from needs assessments and awareness raising to coordination and implementation of capacity building.

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL: its role in the GTI. Letter to BioNET's Secretariat from the Secretariat of the CBD after CBD COP 6, April 2002

What is BioNET-INTERNATIONAL? - short introduction

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL Powerpoint slide set

Contact the subregional LOOP coordinators (for regions not listed contact bionet@bionet-intl.org | www.bionet-intl.org):

Proposals to establish BioNET LOOPs include detailed references to CBD Decisions, especially those relating to taxonomy, monitoring and assessment. Two examples:
1. Proposal to Establish SACNET, the South Asian Countries' Network for Taxonomy
2. Propuesta a los gobiernos de los paises de la Comunidad Andina para el establecimiento y operaciones de una LOOP de BioNET-INTERNATIONAL de los paises de la Comunidad Andina Denominada AndinoNET

Steps and Guidelines to Establish a LOOP of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL

Example Demand-Driven Needs Assessment from ASEANET: Needs Assessment in Taxonomy and Biosystematics for Plant Pathogenic Organisms in Countries of South East Asia
Case Studies
Why taxonomy matters - the Societal Impacts of Taxonomy
Darwin Declaration
Summary of Declaration made at the Darwin Workshop on Removing the Taxonomic Impediment, 3-5 February 1998

Lessons from SABONET, the Southern African Botanical Network (S. Sibert and G. Smith)

Reproduced with permission of Taxon